Student Ministries

This is the most active, fun, and life changing ministry in our church. The first three years of life are a period of incredible growth in all areas of a child’s development. We celebrate and nurture new milestones for children here. Church is a great way for young children to build social and emotional skills. Introduction to language and literacy development starts from birth, so we start teaching children the Bible from their first day they attend class. We know that most people choose to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior before they become an adult. Each week we want to build their identity in Christ and lay a solid foundation for a life of blessing and service.

As the Pastor of Student Ministries, I have a group of volunteers that believe that education in the Word of God is as valuable and profitable to the whole person. We commit to care for your child in a positive, loving way; with gentle redirection when needed, we will esteem them and build them up. Thank you for trusting us with your treasure.

Christine Burdick


Our youth ministry is called “Above Youth” andputs Jesus in the center of our lives as a body of faith. With the pressure of grades, sports, jobs, time, and friends it becomes a less than carefree time during the life of an adolescent. In between all the distractions, we as a church feel it is a priority to meet the social and spiritual needs of the middle school and high school students. We accomplish this with teaching relevant lessons from the Word of God and training them to hear the voice of the Spirit of God in a fun relaxed atmosphere. Students learn how to express their faith through their words and actions. We encourage them to use their individual talents in the arts. Leadership developmentis at the core of the program. 

We have driven many miles in our old church van. Our annual events include Acquire the Fire, Country Camp, service projects and many other areas. Our youth take a mission trip every other year as a group and are introduced to the foreign field of service. As a youth group we are supporting a young boy from Kampala, Uganda named Ralston.

We meet on Sunday evenings at 6:30pm.